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Exciting Details

  - Update:  Distances are filling up and may be full if you wait until the morning of to register. Use a discount to sign up today!

  - The Ultra will be designed for maximum mental torture (well maybe not maximum, as we aren't just doing circles in a parking lot because we're not all as dumb and insane as JC). It has been designed to emulate a World Championship course with a similar percentage of time going uphill.  

  - JC said, "My basement is filled with items for the registration bags. 500 pint glasses takes up a ton of space, not to mention the other items." 

  - New starting location this year: The Summit Church, 3381 NW Chipman Rd, Lee's Summit, MO 64081. This Church is only a few feet from the Northeast corner of the Longview Lake Loop.  

  - The Ultra Ride will include $1,000 prize list for Strava KOM segments for riders who finish within 1 hour of the 1st finisher. (*note* any riders who run red lights, fail to complete the entire course, or is on an E-bike will not be eligible.) Each segment $100 for 1st, $60 for 2nd, $40 for 3rd.

  - El Pulgarcito will be providing post ride Pupusas for lunch!!! 

  -  JC Van Deventer did 2,328 laps of a parking lot (216 miles). That is 1 lap for each child and volunteer who were involved with area CASA organizations. He said, "this was harder than riding the entire Katy in a day that the temperature was 103 degrees or completing the Bright Lights for Charlie Ultra Century unsupported in 2022."

  - Riders from around the country: riders signed up from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, California, Florida, Nevada, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Maryland! 

  - The best discounts for 2024 will be again the earliest registered.

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