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2022 Bright Lights for Charlie Hall of Fame
2022 Ultra Distance Finishers
(just over 10% of those who tried the Ultra distance finished the
10 laps)
Mark Horn
Julie Fockler
Alfredo Navarro
Armando Sanchez
Ryan Corrigan
Athol Barnes
JC Van Deventer
(note JC rode the full course unsupported and solo 2 weeks prior to the event)

Some of the people you're riding with in 2023

Jason and Brett - these local guys rode the entire Katy Trail in 1 day in 2023! Jason will be attempting to do 300 miles at the Bright Lights for Kids ride in 2023!!!

Minda Pukstas- currently from Stillwater, OK he represented Lithuania in the 1996 Olympics

Alex Gardner - A former distance runner was planning on her first ever century to be the 200k at Bright Lights for Kids. Her training went better than planned and knocked out her first 100.1 miles in August. She's still planning on do the 200k. 


Evan Baines - our very own Capt Rogers (although he's been promoted & sorry Steve Rogers, who is also on the ride). This MD (that isn't Maryland initials) just started riding last year. Considering the Major has successfully made it through Special Forces training and served in an SF unit, it is no surprise how quickly he is doing impressive things on the bike. Thanks for joining us Doc.

Paul Toigo - (update, look for Paul in 2024) another local guy doing amazing things... How about multiple transcontinental races because 1 simply isn't enough!

Michelle Lingenfelser - Team USA, what more is there to say. Michelle is using the Bright Lights ride as a final tuneup to a big international event (aka Worlds)! 

Bruce "Why Ride Short" Woodward - Van Meter, Iowa pedaled 420 miles in one day as part of the Annual Major Taylor February distance challenge in an effort to have MTCCIA pass MTCCKC 

Rebecca Szpara - Saint George, Kansas aka Crazy Legs... What else is there to say

Duane Fritchie - Ride & raise money in his charity ride (click here). A former age group World Champion, he is dedicated to Wrestling MS.  Their fundraiser in Lee's Summit on October 15th.

Ross Bryson - Foster parent and 200k rider

Ken LeOrdan - Napels, FL a former D1 Soccer player turned father who rides in his spare time.

John Cole - This long time Lee's Summit Firefighter, recently retired. A multi-national champion Police & Firefighter Games. World Championship participant. 

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