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Event Flyers

Feel free to make them yourself and to hand them out as you please!

Signs on Trails

We need someone to make and post direction signs on the trail for the family ride. Multiple "Keep Right," 2 "Left Turn", and 2 "Right Turn" signs. Do you have a way post these along the trail and make them?


If you have 50 cones you would like to let us borrow for the weekend, let us know.

Clip Boards/Pens

We need to borrow some clipboards for registration. The pens, we're looking for some to be donated.

Banners for Registration

We're looking for two donated banners. One which says "Day of Registration". The other which says "Preregistered online".

Upside-down Spraypaint



We need to borrow 15 folding tables.

Bright Reflective Vests

We need to borrow 6 bright traffic vests for parking volunteers.

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